MAREMIP MARine Ecosystem Model Intercomparison Project

Data requirements, Stage 0 (September-October 2008)

In this stage, we will undertake some of the work discussed at the MAREMIP meeting held at UEA, Jan 14 2008. For this first stage of MAREMIP, not all data previously specified is needed, hence here is an updated list.

!!! Please make all data available before October 07, 2008. Thank you!

Current Project:

  • Identify observed and simulated ecological niches inhabitated by the different PFTs in different models as a function of nutrient availability, insolation, temperature (Meike Vogt).
  • Study the seasonality/seasonal succession of different PFTs in different models and at different latitudes (Taketo Hashioka and team).

Current (modelling) groups involved:

  • Laurent Bopp, PISCES
  • Yasuhiro Yamanaka, Taketo Hashioka and Maki Noguchi Aita, NEMURO
  • Corinne Le Quéré and Meike Vogt, PlankTOM5
  • Scott Doney and Ivan Lima, CCSM-3BEC
  • Validation data: Séverine Alvain (PHYSAT)

Data requirements for stage 0, updated list:

Daily and monthly fields for the years 1996-2007:

  • total surface chlorophyll (preferred units: mg Chl m-3; to be compared with SeaWiFS)
  • surface biomass and chlorophyll for each individual PFT (preferred units: mol C m-3)
  • surface nutrient concentrations for PO4, SiO3, Fe, NO3/NH4 etc. (preferred units: mol m-3)
  • a file containing the mixed layer depth calculated by the models (preferred units: m; preferred mixed layer depth criterion: Δ σd > 0.01 kg m-3)
  • global surface temperature fields (preferred units: °C)

  • a recent publication best describing the submitted model version
  • a README file describing variables and units, if other than listed above

Data format:

  • data in netcdf format
  • one file per variable and year, labelled: $(MODEL_NAME)_$(VAR_NAME)_$(YEAR).nc
  • regridded on a regular 360x180 degree grid, one depth
  • monthly fields for the years 1996-2007, with simulation starting in 1990 or before

Data upload:

Please upload the data onto any ftp server of your choice and send me details for download.

Preferred timeline:

  • Data submission: 07/10/2008
  • Presentation of first results and special session on MAREMIP: 22-24/10/1008, (7th Green Ocean Workshop, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France).