MAREMIP MARine Ecosystem Model Intercomparison Project

Action items from kickoff workshop

    Reporting on meeting:

  • EOS paper (Scott and Corinne)
  • Workshop report (Corinne and Scott)
  • Talks on the web site (Erik)
  • thank our sponsors

    Project setup:

  • email list (Scott)
  • chasing up Dennis Mc. (Scott)
  • Web site with model-friendly data and data efforts (Corinne and Erik)
  • Model description (Meike and Marcello)
  • Re-vamp web site (Meike)
  • Model archive (Laurent)

    Model intercomparison:

  • Define model results to be archived (Corinne, John, Richard M., Laurent, Take)
  • Compute climate anomalies from several models for 2000-2100 experiments (John, Corinne, Scott, Yasu)
  • Test experiments to define benchmark (Greencycles II post-doc?)